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Let There Be Energy Saving Light

by | 24th, November 2006

YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP,” say the words on the Sun’s bauble.

Only you could. Or at least if not make it up then turn to the Sun on any given day and read the story of how some killjoys are ruining Easter, the summer, Guy Fawke’s night and now Christmas.

In “CHRISTMAS COUNCILLED” the Sun tells its readers that staff at Tower Hamlets council, East London, have been told not to put up Christmas decoration lest they are injured in the process.

As one worker says: “It feels more like the Eastern Bloc than the East End round here now – except slightly less cheery.”

This worker makes a point, albeit in invalid one. The now disbanded Eastern Bloc was never all that strong on health and safety issues, peppering its celebrations, notably the May Day parade, with all manner of weaponry and danger.

This is something else. The Mail reports on the same story and brands it “HEATH AND SAFETY KILLJOYS”.

It hears from a council spokesman who voices concern that injuries will result from people standing on their desks and sticking a hopeful sprig of mistletoe above their work stations.

And then there is the environmental impact of turning on Christmas lights. Says the spokesman: “The lights use a relatively small amount of electricity but every effort counts in reducing energy waste.”

Santa Claus, who has shunned petrol engines for his reindeer-drawn sleigh, would surely agree. So too the baby Jesus who relied on solar energy from a guiding star and his mother’s halo for light and heat.

Where they lead, we follow…

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