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Frozen Nuts

by | 26th, November 2006

Kerry Katona’s nuts for the Squirrel

IT cannot be too long before Kerry Katona’s children start thinking of the giant Iceland squirrel as their new father.

Kerry is currently starring on the nation’s screens on adverts for the frozen food supermarket.

Sandwiched around the I’m A Celebrity show she once won, Kerry extols the virtues of ice-cream, wet-look pizza and the “Boozie Brownie”.

We have little idea what Boozie Brownie is. Although we need to point out that it is, in this instance at least, not a pre-teen girl high on alcopops.

Intrepid food explorers might care to note that the Boozie Brownie Kerry offers one of her guests on the telly bears more than a passing resemblance to the kangaroo testicle being fed to Jan Leeming on I’m A Celebrity…, albeit one steeped in Bailey’s and deep fried.

It is not little wonder that Kerry is a fan of I’m A Celebrity, settling down with her squirrel for the chance to look at celebrities even lower on the alphabet of fame than she is.

And when Kerry is not watching telly with her squirrel she’s writing her OK! Diary.

This week, Kerry’s telling us that she thinks Peter Andre and Jordan’s decision to sing duets at Butlins holiday camps is a great move. She says Sarah Harding is the prettiest girl in pop.

Social services are taking no action against Kerry’s in light of comments made by her mum in a newspaper column.

And she’s right behind Michael Jackson – “He’s not right in the heads but who is these days?”

Indeed, we are all a big nuts. Not least of all Kerry’s squirrel…

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