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Borat’s Mis-Stake

by | 27th, November 2006

Borat must die

LOOK out, Sacha Baron Cohen, the Rogarians are coming!

In the “Transylvanian gipsies threat to Sacha”, the Sun shines a candle on the villagers of Glod.

Struggling to overcome the shock that some Romanians remain in their native locale and are not right now massed at the border gates awaiting their January 1 release when they will invade our gardens, building sites and cashpoints, we read on.

And we learn that the village was used to depict Borat’s home town in Kazakhstan. Why Baron Cohen should not use his native Kazakhstan for such purposes or, indeed, a town in East Anglia is a debate for later.

That’s if there is a later because the locals are out for blood. “Borat is a son-of-a-bitch who made us look like savages,” says gipsy Gheorgie Pascu. “This is Transylvania, home of Dracula. If he ever returns we will stick a stake in his backside and impale him. Then I would cut his b***s off.”

That should teach Borat to portray the locals as a bunch of blood-thirsty loons.

And the Sun, which only recently afforded its readers the chance to play hangman with a cut-out of Saddam Hussein, mocks up a picture of what the moustachioed Borat would look like impaled like so much kebab meat.

As readers take in that delight, another villager, one Luca Tugaciu, says he never got the cash he was promised. “Borat came here with police to guard him when he was filming,” says he. “If he ever returns it would be the end for him.”

Indeed. Looking at the hole-in-the-ground toilet and pig kept close to the family front door, venturing into this part of Glod could spell the end for any one of us.

The locals are upset. And for his reason they have issued a £15million lawsuit claiming they were told the film was a documentary and not a comedy.

The Borat movie production team and Baron Cohen are each said to have donated a few thousand pounds to the village, paid a location fee and bought the local school computers and other supplies.

But what price hurt feelings and misrepresentation?

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