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ITV’s Up Grade

by | 29th, November 2006

THE staff clapped when Michael Grade stepped into the offices at ITV Towers for the first day in his new job.

As the nephew of Lew Grade, one of ITV’s founders, walked through the doors, staff broke into a “rousing round of applause”.

The electronic sign above their heads was switched from “CLAP” to “LAUGH”, “GROAN” and “BEHIND YOU” before the serious business of returning the independent channel’s fortunes could begin in earnest.

Unlike his uncle Lew, Michael Grade is no keen tapdancer – Lew earned his first applause executing an ultra-fast Charleston danced on a small oval table.

But that is not to say Michael is not a good mover. And, as the Sun reports, he left his £110,000 a year job at the BBC for a “whopping” £8million over the next three years.

That’s a considerable jackpot. And the Star says ITV’S new executive chairman will earn his crust by securing more football rights and playing to ITV’s strengths.

So lots more reality TV, soap operas and made-for-TV dramas?

Sorted, as they say on the BBC.

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