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Tom Cruise’s Magic Act

by | 30th, November 2006

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are magic

INSIDE the magical wedding of TOM and KATIE.”

A week on from the joint magical Stag and Hen do, the magical vows and the magical floating Tom, Hello! invites us to marvel at the magical splendour of the entire Cruise-Holmes wedding.

“Your exclusive invitation to the wedding of the year,” says the page that begins Hello!’s 34-page album. “Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise. Intimate portraits and memoirs of their special celebrations.”

“Tom and Katie’s nuptials were magical in every way,” notes Hello!. And surely they were.


The invitation arrives, wrapped in silk ribbon and placed in a raw-silk box of rose petals.


Katie crouches down to support little Suri on her legs. Tom also crouches down, but not as far as Katie. He is thus above here. Can you see any strings? It’s magic.


“What these pictures convey is the sheer naturalness of the occasion,” says Hello!. But can magic be natural? Surely magic is fanciful, the stuff the occult?

Is this why it rained on the morning to the do? Hello! says showers are a sign of good luck at a wedding in Italy. Coincidence? Or magic?

More photographs follow: Katie’s dress on a strange heedless mannequin; Giorgio Armani with Suri; Tom’s son Connor carrying Suri down the aisle; the bride arriving on the arm of her father to the strains of Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D; the arc of 25,000 ivory roses; the ethereal lights of the altar.

We see the groom kiss his bride’s hands like her means it. Petals are thrown. The guests dine on risotto with pears, walnut and cep mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke plin ravioli and truffles with cheese.

And then the best man speaks. He’s called David. Says David: “While through the ages many a tale has immortalised eternal love – most especially Rome and Juliet – this one is truly unique.”

He concludes: “If there was no tale of greater woe than Juliet to her Romeo, there is no greater joy than the tale of Tom and Kate today. And yes, it too is forever.”

A guest says you could have heard a pin drop. But all that changed when the DJ plugged his record player in and Vitoria Beckham sang along to Wannabe.


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