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Warden Off Evil

by | 1st, December 2006

A STORY to warm the cockles and bring a smile of rare joy to one and all.

“YESSSS!” says the Mirror, expertly tapping into the zeitgeist. “Traffic warden gives ticket to…”

Well, can you guess. Is it: a) Ken Livingstone; b) Osama bin Laden; c) a traffic warden.

Correct. It is answer ‘c’. And the Mirror has a delicious picture of this righter of wrongs and doer of derring dos penning a ticket for the illegally parked parking enforcement vehicle.

And this warden does not act alone. The Sun (“TRIFFIC WARDEN”) spots Keith Bee, an ex-policeman, also at large in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Says Keith: “That morning I had just had a parking ticket in the post so I wasn’t in the best of moods.”

Keith watches as a female “parking professional” (the Star) pulls up into a loading bay and gets out. She walks down the road looking for illegally parkers, you know, cars parked in loading bays.

Keith: “She went into a newsagent’s, then walked down another street. I was furious she could think she was going to get away with it.”

A citizen’s arrest? Better to find another warden, which Keith does. This warden says he has to wait five minutes for the driver to return. He does. Keith stands with him. And counts. Five minutes pass. And the ticket is issued.

Hurrah for Keith, who is now known to the local parking attendants by name.

We fear their retribution will be slow and costly…

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