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by | 1st, December 2006

Russian radiation lights up London

THE good news is that the radiation found onboard three British Airways jets means frequent flyers no longer need an overhead light to read by. They can just point their luminous finger at the page and go.

What is more, the Mail spots “the radioactive trail”, reporting that traces of radioactive contamination have been found at 12 London sites.

Sadly, these are not noted tourist landmarks, so negating the need for strip lighting at such places as the London Dungeon (see the now familiar shot of polonium-210–coloured Alexander Litvinenko in his hospital bed).

As listed by the paper, these contaminated locations include a car in Muswell Hill, North London, the infamous Sushi bar where Alexander Litvinenko ate on the day he was poisoned, the hospital he was taken to, offices in Downing Street and the Sheraton hotel, Park Lane.

Security sources are examining the trail by day and brightly lit night. But, as the Mail says, they have yet to find a “smoking gun”. This might be because Litvinenko was murdered by poison and not shot.

Litvinenko was got at in a manner not dissimilar to the case of Yegor Gaidar, a former Russian prime minister who collapsed on a visit to Ireland last week.

The Star (“Ex-RUSSIAN ZAPPED WITH NUKE POISON”), says Gaidar is now undergoing treatment, for what he believes is poisoning, in a Moscow hospital – a precarious place to be if, as the Star says, Gaidar, like Litvinenko, has spoken out against Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

Now at least with the identity of the poison established the papers can investigate the core element to this story: who murdered Litvinenko and why?

And who has poisoned up to 33,000 passengers and staff aboard those aforesaid jets. The jets used by (gulp!) two of Britain’s leading figures.

As the Sun says on its front page “SPY PLOT SENSATION”, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell and Seb Coe (“SEB GLOW”) have flown on one of the affected jets. Both are now facing health checks.

And – cruelty of cruelties – it is in the line of duty that Jowell and Coe might have been contaminated, damaged using a public plane to fly from London to Barcelona on an “Olympic fact-finding mission”.

(Surely now is the time to create Blair Force One, a private jet to be used by the elite politicos, thus negating any need for them to mingle with the infected masses.)

A source close (but not too close) to Mrs Jowell tells the paper: “It is true she was on one of the planes… It is fair to say she is taking this in her stride.”

And there she goes now, striding into a cab in Muswell Hill, striding in and out of Downing Street, striding into the Park Lane Sheraton.

You count her footprints…

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