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Kate Moss Fur-ore

by | 4th, December 2006

“BRITNEY Spears, Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss all looking pretty shaggy in fur costs,” says the Sun, “but two are faking it.”

Looking at the paper’s pictures of the three, it is hard to tell which coat is made from flayed and stitched animal pelt and which is not.

And this in light of the recent story that Chinese cat farmers are skinning their livestock and passing off the pelts as fake fur. Is that mink on Posh’s back or the family pet?

To help readers decide which of the three is true and which is false the Mirror features some more notable fur wearers.

Glamour mo-del Jordan’s coat is, naturally, fake. Kelly Brook’s jacket is a blend of synthetic fibres. Sienna Miller is wearing dead rabbit about her throat, as is Melanie Griffith.

But pictures do not present the full experience. We need to touch the coats, to smell the costs, to purse our lips and see if the coat comes to heel.

And at the apogee of our struggle, the Mail steps in. “Anti-fur protesters have their claws out for Burberry girl Kate,” reveals the headline.

Yes, it is La Moss who appears to be wearing the real thing. Not for Kate tabby but the softest to-die-for mink.

And it looks good on her. The fur may even look better on Kate than it did on the donor mink.

But not everyone is impressed. Yvonne Taylor, spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) says: “We urge her to take a look at one of our DVDs showing foxes being electrocuted, wild animals being trapped in bone crunching traps, minx being gassed and dogs in China being bludgeoned.”

These DVDs sound truly disgusting. And we urge any one reading this, including Kate, not to take PETA up on its offer lest the sight of such video nastiness turns their heads and mutates them into serial fox mutilators and beaver killers.

We should stamp out the trade in such filth before it is too late…

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