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by | 6th, December 2006

FOR those of us who view Her Majesty the Queen as a static figure, appearing in profile on stamps and coins, the chance to see her full face and actually moving is a treat.

The Queen’s Christmas message, that miracle of animatronics and television’s darks arts, is as vital a part of the British Christmas as turkey, mince pies and pantomime.

And in the spirit of panto, we cry “Behind you, ma’am!” Well, not directly behind the Queen but close enough. As Liz speaks on the BBC, over on Channel 4 there is an altogether different kind of message being delivered.

Channel 4’s traditional counterpoint to the Queen’s Christmas Day 3pm broadcast has in the past featured such over-stuffed turkeys as Jamie Oliver, Quentin Crisp, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Ali G, Sharon Osbourne and The Simpsons.

And this year, as the Mail reports, the face of Channel 4’s seasonal message will be covered in a veil. The slice of her on view will be covered in glasses.

To pupils at the Al-Aqsa Primary School in Leicester this vision in head-to-toe black cloth and spectacles is instantly recognisable as fourth year geography teacher Mr Harris. No, only joking. It is, of course, their part-time teacher Mrs Khadija Ravat.

Mrs Ravat describes herself as “boring” and a “regular person”. The Zimbabwean-born teacher tells the Sun (“CHRISTMASKED”) that she hopes to deliver a “very positive message”. She adds: “I didn’t realise what I was getting myself into.”

But the broadcaster knows what it is doing. A Channel 4 spokesman tells the Express that it is “not inherently controversial”. And that Mrs Ravat will add to the debate on “British identity and multi-culturalism”.

For sure she will. But doesn’t the Queen already do that, uniting us with the German peoples? The danger is that Mrs Ravat’s presence may serve no useful purpose other than to promote Channel 4.

And to remind us to hire a DVD…

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