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Faces Of Polonium-21

by | 6th, December 2006

ALEXANDER Litvinenko is still unwell.

Looking at the photograph of the former Russian KGB operative on the Sun’s front page, we see no obvious signs of improvement.

Of course, Litvinenko is not so much stable as he is dead, killed by poison.

The photograph reminds us of another Russian, namely Vladimir Lenin, whose corpse was embalmed and placed in a mausoleum. For Lenin and Moscow’s Red Square read Litvinenko and the Sun’s front page.

That said, it is good of the Sun to keep such a close vigil on the man. But Litvinenko is not the only one in danger and we read that traces of polonium-21 have been found at Arsenal’s Emirate’s Stadium.

It seems that another former KGB spy, one Andrei Lugovoy, was at the football ground to watch the London team play.

Lugovoy, who is said to have been with Litvinenko on the day he was poisoned, is now in hospital.

This is bad news, not least of all for Lugovoy, the Arsenal fans who may have come into contact with him or, indeed, the players on the pitch.

If polonium-210 is to have a new face why not make it that of Arsenal’s photogenic French blade Thierry Henry. The inclusion of a top footballer would surely add some va-va voom to the story.

And while Henry is the celebrity face of radioactive poison, Razorlight, the popular beat combo, provide the theme music. As the Sun reports, the band returned to London from Moscow on a jet contaminated with polonium-210.

The group, minus frontman Johnny Borrell, who flew back on a separate plane, all suffered flu-like symptoms post flight.

“The lads were terrified,” says a source. “They feared the worst and immediately called their management for advice.”

The band’s management do not earn their cut for nothing and knowingly told the band to seek medical help. They did. And the musicians have been given the all clear.

But what of the rest of us? And what about poor Litvinenko…

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