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Princess Diana – Dis-Moi Oiu

by | 6th, December 2006

“DIANA,” announces the Express’s front page in familiar fashion.

“Police tried to make me change my evidence says key witness.”

And not just a key witness, but a “cricial witness”, as the paper goes on to say.

But what kind of witness makes a crucial witness? Is this someone who saw Diana perish in that mundane car accident? Has the Express scored a scoop, unearthing the driver of that battered white Fiat Uno spotted in the vacinity of Paris’s Alma Tunnel on the night Diana died?

This witness is Alberto Repossi, a jeweller in Monte Carlo. This is, of course, the Repossi who helped Diana and Dodi Fayed pick out a £230,000 emerald and diamond band. Called Dis-Moi Oiu (Tell Me Yes) the ring has yet to feature in any Diana Love Collection produced by the Franklin Mint or Argos, but it can only be a matter of time before this oversight is seen to.

Says Repossi (rings, necklaces and more): “I have for a long time followed closely the Daily Express’s crusade for the truth and I strongly support any attempt to determine exactly what caused this terrible tragedy.”

Thus far the cause of Diana’s death has been traced back to the moment of her birth and beyond. Each factor of Diana’s life – each waking and sleeping moment – forms a cobble in the path that led to her death.

Diana is born. Diana is conceived. Diana’s mother makes eyes at her father. The dinosaurs walk the Earth. And so on. All is part of the pattern.

So here is Repossi, a ring-seller, a shiny cobble in Diana’s life, telling us: “My real concern is that attempts were certainly made to get me to change what I knew to be the truh.”

He continues: “After reading your coverage, and my experiences and those of my wife with the inquiry team, I feel I can no longer trust the authorities to speak the truth.”

And the truth is? Why, that Diana and Dodi visited Mr Repossi’s jewellers in Monte Carlo (check press for opening times) and picked out the kind of ring that were it not on the hand of a rich socialite would happily pass for a brass’s knuckleduster.

Of course, there must be more to this story. And we realise that diamonds, such as those found in Mr Repossi’s ring, are generally very old, ranging from under 1 billion to 3.3 billion years old.

And so it the story of what led to Diana’s death goes on…

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