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Ron Out Of Town

by | 7th, December 2006

RONALD McDonald – Rest In Pieces (six pieces with a sweet & sour dipping sauce).

It is our proud duty to announce that the man in the fright wig, oversized shoes and terrifying make-up is dead. Or at least he is in Tavistok, Devon.

As the Mail notes, the market town has had its fill of processed chips and styrofoam burgers. Tavistock, named Best Food Town in the south west, has shunned Ronald and his day-glo food. McDonald’s is closing its store in the town.

John Taylor, chairman of ther Tavistock EatWise campaign, is delighted. "I think it’s tremendous," says he. And many will agree. "Because of the quality of our local food McDoanld’s has not been able to compete."

So Ronald is to pack up his chemistry set and move out of town. But before he goes, his spokesman has this to say: "As part of our ongoing review of our restaurant sites, it has become clear that the location of McDonald’s in Tavistock is no longer suitable."

And that is it.

David and Goliath, Wimbledon winning the FA Cup and being voted website of the year, this is another story of the little guy triumphing over the machine.

Hurrah for Tavistock. The town that dared to dream…

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