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The Ordinary Boy King

by | 11th, December 2006

WHEN Matt Willis was presented with that hollowed out coconut and broken oar his life changed.

No longer would Matt be Matt from Busted. He was now Matt, the celebrity you ate a kangaroo’s arse on the telly and chased it down with a crocodile’s penis.

Matt had arrived.

And now he’s spilling his guts to the Star, telling the paper that he has no plans to be the new Preston, the singer from The Ordinary Boys who met Chantelle Houghton on Celebrity Big Brother.

Before his CBB appearance, Preston had had one hit record. Since then he has still had one hit record, but extended his range with a number of showbiz magazine photospreads, a wedding to Chantelle and any number of tight jackets and comfy knits. In this process, he has made, by Matt’s estimations, £3million.

Matt sees Preston’s life as a cautionary tale. As he says: “It’s been said I’ll earn £5m, but there won’t be an autobiography or an ‘at home’ shoot with my girlfriend. I don’t want to be one of those people.”

Perish the thought. Incidentally, Matt’s album is out on Monday, and he would be pleased if you’d buy it. A fortune of £5m does not earn itself. He needs our help.

And he needs our money. As the Express reports, Matt is being sued for £20million by Ki Fitzgerald and Owen Doyle, who claim they formed the Busted group and had a hand in the group’s hits.

The plaintiffs were joined by Willis and James Bourne (also being sued) and finally dropped in favour of one Charlie Simpson. Success followed.

The paper says “legal experts” believe the lads are due £10million each, including royalties from the band’s “official biography”.

Yes, Matt’s life story has already made it to print. Why do it again?

It’s not like he needs the money…

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