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Cherie Blair’s Blue Period

by | 11th, December 2006

CHERIE BLAIR stands with her dress unbuttoned. She wears no underwear. It is Monday. It is cold and it is raining.

But this is no revolution. Cherie has not been stripped and thrown into the street, naked save for her barrister’s hairpiece and commemorative mirkin. She and Tony remain very much with No. 10.

This is a portrait of Cherie created 25 years go by artist Euan Uglow. It took him two years. And, as the Mail notes, it is unfinished.

Entitled Striding Nude, Blue Dress, there is something oddly familiar about the work created in 1981, the year Margaret Thatcher, that most strident woman in shades of blue, took command.

Indeed, picking up a pen we set about finishing the work and with a squint here and the prolific use of a hard, corn-coloured pencil we manage to transform Cherie into something else.

It is a strong look. It is the look of a woman destined for power. The look of woman who would go on to meet Tony Blair, name her first-born child Euan and have her study in oil and canvas hidden from public view, until now.

Politicians are notoriously careful about how they are portrayed in art. And while we wonder why it now that this picture of a softer, less pragmatic, sexed-up Cherie should come to the fore with her husband’s career hung, drawn and ready to be quartered, the Mail brings more new of art in politics.

It is a study of Tory leader David Cameron as appears on the website of Bob Piper, a Labour member of Sandwell Council in the West Midlands.

Cameron’s face is black. His lips are red and ringed in white. Alongside this face, and beneath the headline “There’s votes in them thar ethics”, appear the words: “Take the homeboy test. Yo niggahs. Is it because I’s black?”

No, it seems that it is because Cameron is white, what Piper calls “a wealthy, right-wing, reactionary Etonian trying to fool people into thinking he feels their pain.”

It seems a little odd that in trying to stave off criticism that he is bigoted – Piper has been reported to the Commission for Racial Equality – he makes judgements about a man on the basis of his schooling.

For his part, white, middle-aged Piper (education and bank balance unstated) has taken down the image. Says he: “If the image and words on my site have offended black people, no matter how unintentional, then I apologise unreservedly to them.”

Very good, we’re sure. But why should a picture of a white man blacked up offend only blacks? Why doesn’t Mr Piper apologise to the many whites, Muslims, Christians, Jews, hoodies (hugged and unhugged) Hindus, Liberals Democrats and Jedi Knights who may well take offence at what is either a heavy-handed and pathetic attempt at comedy or some shade of racism?

Meanwhile, the Mirror spots Cameron on his way to a Morrissey concert. And – opps! – he lost his Tube ticket. Maybe he’ll have to pay a penalty fair like the £10 Cherie was forced to stump up for failing to produce a ticket on demand in 2000.

Or maybe he’ll just take his clothes off…

Picture – Does anyone want to take credit for it?

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