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Nicked Richie

by | 12th, December 2006

NICOLE Richie stares out from the page.

Richie is the American famous for being the adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie, 5ft 1in small and so light she can fall to the ground like a autumn leaf.

The Mirror says Nicole has a body mass index of 16.1. What this means we have no idea, and we can only speculate on its legality and how it impairs her driving.

As the paper reports, this vision of skin, bone and hair has been pinched by the police for driving the wrong way down a motorway in Los Angeles.

Since even moving your hands from the proscribed “ten-to-two” position in California is an offence punishable by a police bullet to the throat, Richie is in trouble.

And it gets worse for her. The Mirror says having been apprehended, Richie admitted smoking cannabis and taking the prescription painkiller Viocodin, aka hillbilly heroin.

For this, the Star brandishes Ritchie a “hellraiser.” She is a “wildchild”.

It also labels her a former heroin addict and notes that she had been also speaking on her mobile phone while driving.

This it the kind of multi-skilling that has made Richie a star. And now, having been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, she has another achievement to propel her career to still loftier heights.

We wish Nicole well with it. But we are shocked to learn that her arrest passed “without incident” and she was “cooperative”, as a police spokesman tells us.

Is this the work of a wildchild, a hellraiser? We have our doubts. Surely if Richie is to pursue her chosen career path of spoilt rich kind she needs to achieve something unique – like blaming her arrest and all wars on the Calvinists or having wrists too thin be handcuffed.

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