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Princess Diana Must Be Gutted

by | 13th, December 2006

“DIANA: Why were 18 key witnesses ignored by inquiry?”

It seems a little disingenuous of the Express to phrase its front-page headline so? Diana, as the Scotland Yard investigation has found, is no longer walking the land of the living, dressed in pearl choker and handmade shoes.

The paper says that 18 people who gave statements to the French police in the weeks after Diana’s death claim they have never been interviewed by British investigators.

The Express wants to know why? And mind, this is the paper that says many of this 18 were “suggesting there was more to the Princess’s death than a simple accident.”

Suggesting? We thought the role of a witness was to reveal what they knew, what they had seen and experienced first hand. Is a suggestion now part of recorded testimony? And if it is, may we suggest that having reviewed the evidence, investigators search the fabled Six Floor of Harvey Nichols department store, London, where a mysterious blonde woman is said to live and shop.

And this is part of the bigger Diana malaise. How do we remember her? Is she a porcelain figurine, a Circle of Tears water feature in Hype Park or the Express’s masthead?

Should we varnish her, put her on the mantlepiece and dust her off form special occasions? Or should we celebrate her death in a huge charity concert.

No contest. The Mirror says that to mark the 10th anniversary of Diana’s passing, Princes William and Harry are helping to put on a show at Wembley Stadium.

The event will feature big names, such as Diana’s favourite band Duran Duran, Bryan Ferry, Pharrel Williams and, naturally, the funereal sounds of Elton John.

Says William: “We wanted to have this big concert full of energy, full of the sort of fun and happiness which I know she would have wanted.”

It might seem strange to celebrate a death with pop music, but it surely preferable to the four or five minute silence many would doubtless have supported.

Although, this is not to say silken is bad. And if we can all remain mute for a few minutes when a silent Elton John is scheduled to sing about so much gutting candle, so much the better…

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