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Angelina Jolie Takes Up Crickets

by | 14th, December 2006

ANGELINA Jolie has a plan.

When she is not kicking people in the throat in a professional capacity (don’t see Tomb Raider), Angelina is saving the world.

It is the role of Hollywood’s A-listers to save us from ourselves.

If it not Tom Cruise making us ready to evacuate the planet he occasional lives on – the Sun says he has recruited Jennifer Lopez and Jim Carey to Scientology – it is Jolie showing us that all creeds and colours can get along, particularly under the roof of her Californian mansion.

And now Angelina Jolie is setting out to feed the world. And she is going to feed it on insects.

Angelina has just returned from a trip to Cambodia, birthplace of her stepson Maddox. Says she: “We took him to a restaurant in the middle of the night and he had his first plate of crickets.”

Jolie fails to say how this dish was presented. And we do not learn if the meal was taken at night because fresh bugs flock to the lit candle on every table and so negate any need for harvesting and a waitress.

While crickets fall on Maddox’s plate, and a moth entree stir fries itself on the candle flame, we digest the news.

The Sun serves up some “cockroach-au-vin” and “egg-fried lice”, and we realise that Angelina may have a point.

She is known to have eaten bee larvae and cockroaches and has clearly suffered no ill effects. Are insects the saviours of mankind?

And just what is that thing creeping thing Maddox is stuffing into young Shiloh’s mouth…

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