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Peter Pipes Up

by | 14th, December 2006

PETER McKay is in New York.

Or at least he has been. Perhaps the Mail’s columnist has been taking advantage of the falling dollar and strong pound to buy Christmas presents.

And to purchase a ticket to watch Mel Gibson’s latest movie, Apocalyto, the star’s follow up to Hey, Jewboy, You Killed Our Lord Jesus, or some such thing.

McKay has been in the cinema in New York. And he’d rather be there than dining with American Gwyneth Paltrow.

Considering the actress’s comment that Britons are more civilised and intelligent than her countrymen and don’t talk about work or money at table, McKay thinks “dining with Gwyneth might be an ordeal – more scary than watching a Mel Gibson movie”.

A movie which, incidentally, is sold out in the Manhattan cinema McKay frequents. Given the option of no seat at the show or dinner with an Oscar-winning star, perhaps McKay would feel brave enough to reconsider?

And McKay is civilised company. At table, he may well talk not about money and work but of the “technically-minded man who, aged 14, removed the broken half shaft from the differential of an Austin 14 car, welded it back together and replaced it (with the help of the even more technically-minded boyhood chum, Reggie Watt) so that we might continue our practice of giving favoured girlfriends a nightmare (for them) drive through Morayshire forestry roads”.

That is how intelligent British men are. Now, let’s get back to Gibson…

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