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A Ripping Yarn

by | 15th, December 2006

FROM the prolonged and endless mysterious tale of Princess Diana who died ten years ago, we turn to five women who were irrefutably murdered.

Not that these five were just women. To the Star they were “VICE GIRLS” and they had a “SEX SHACK”.

This shed of vice is pictured. The Star notices scorch marks where someone has tried to burn it down. It hears from Laura Butters, a local councillor and landowner. So fed up with the “hookers” was she that she erected a sign warning: “You are being watched.”

We are not here to judge, and if Ms Butters wants to engage in a little light voyeurism and advertise the fact to others than so be it. This story is a far bigger matter than the sordid tale of women having sex with men in the outdoors.

Not that the five are women. As we note, to the Star they are hookers, what one writer calls “emblems of immorality”. They are the kind of people who have sex in a shed. There’s a picture of a girl peering into a car window. Is she a prostitute?

And let us take a look at that car in detail. Is it a battered white Fiat Uno, as seen in the vicinity of the Alma Tunnel in Paris all those moons ago? Or is it a blue BMW?

“I saw Annette climb into blue BMW too, was it killer’s car?” runs the Sun’s headline. A shop owner says she saw the victim Anette Nicholls being driven in a blue BMW. Her fellow “hooker” Anneli Alderton was seen in such a car last Thursday evening. As the paper says, it is feared Anneli was driven to her death.

Do you know anything? Can you help? Are you the chubby man with glasses looking to pay for sex? Have you ever been a chubby man with glasses looking for sex?

And what about that car? The Mail shows a policeman questioning the driver of a BMW on the outskirts of Ipswich. Is this motorist the Suffolk Strangler, the Suffolk Ripper, the River Ripper etc?

Or is he just another Eastern European in a car? “Strangler police hunt BMW Pole,” says the Mail. And we learn that a “migrant worker” is being sought. This pole drives a dark blue BMW.

Is he the killer? And is the story no longer about the horrific murder of five women, but the tale of the perverted foreigner and the prostitutes?

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