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Princess Diana’s Bun Fight

by | 15th, December 2006


The Sun shows a picture of forever blonde Princess Diana on its front page.

The paper tells us that with NO evidence to the contrary it has been proven that she was “NOT murdered, NOT pregnant, NOT engaged” and did NOT have her hair tied in a bun.

There is surely much else Operation Paget, the police inquiry into Diana’s death, has to reveal, like how there were “NO” traces of cocaine in her system.

The facts just keep coming. The investigation that cost millions and took three years to conduct has unearthed all manner of facts.

But this is Diana and there is always more to know. No cocaine, says the report, but what of no heroin, no ecstasy and no glue? She was not pregnant with a child but what about being not pregnant with twins, triplets or more.

Were Diana and Dodi Fayed, her lover at the time of her death, planning to buy a dog together. No engagement ring, you say, but what of a pet?

“NO COVER-UP,” says the Sun. “£3.7m…to tell us this was an accident.” For that much money you’d expect something more than a lot of negatives.

“NOW LET HER REST IN PEACE,” says the Sun’s headline. We have heard everything there is to hear. The Mirror publishes the “DIANA REPORT”, the definitive last words on the woman who entered the House of Windsor as breeding stock and left an icon, feet first. This report has “Everything you HAVEN’T heard” before. You see, more negatives.

What we want is something new. So here comes the Mail to say on its front page: “DIANA: CHARLES WANTED RID OF CAMILLA (SO HE COULD MARRY TIGGY!).

It seems that Diana believed Prince Charles wanted to dispose of Camilla like a used tampon and hook up with this sons’ ex-nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke. “Diana ‘believed Tiggy was having Charles’s baby’,” says a further headline.

A baby? This is more like it? Now we have something to work with. Did Tiggy have a baby? Did she give birth to a child, the lost prince? Has Tiggy ever smoked a joint? Does she wear her hair in a bun?

Questions must be answered. Diana is not yet free to go. “DIANA: IT’S A WHITEWASH,” says the Express. It says the report does not answer the key questions.

Mohammed Al Fayed, writing in the paper, talks of “monstrous injustice”, “an Establishment cover-up”. He draws comparisons with the Hutton Report into the death of Dr David Kelly. Was Diana killed by one of Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction? Any see a grassy knoll?

“I will not weaken,” says Fayed. “I am defiant. There must be a public inquest.”

And, as the Mail says, the preliminary hearing of Diana’s inquest will be heard in public next month. On January 8 2007, Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss will bring the Royal Court of Justice to order.

Then we will know. The truth will out. Did Diana wear her hair in a bun? And where is that bun now..?

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