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Denying The Truth

by | 15th, December 2006

WHO better than to face down Iran’s Holocaust Denial Conference than Our Man Elli in Israel, New York City born and now living and working as a TV jbnournalist in Jerusalem? While we worry about Nicole Richie’s driving, Elli’s got more pressing issues to deal with.

He sent us this dispatch this afternoon:

There’s really so much to say about the Holocaust denier’s conference in Iran. Actually, there’s little to say about the conference itself: It was nothing more than a nutfest, a summit meeting of antisemites celebrating themselves jerking off to the Holohoax. What can you say about the conference attendees that hasn’t already been said about hemorrhoids?

Tough guys, all of them. I’d like to see them strap on a pair and hold a conference denying that black slavery took place in the United States and around the world.

It’s ironic, really: one of the questions definitively unanswered that continues to haunt America, mostly, but other allied countries of the free world that fought Hitler as well, is why didn’t Roosevelt drop a bomb on Auschwitz, or at least the train tracks to Aushwitz, in the summer of 1944? He and everyone else already knew not just that the Holocaust had taken place, with over five million Jews already murdered, but that the Nazis were racing the clock to finish off Hungarian Jewry before the end of the war fast approaching.

The irony is that America or Israel should have dropped a bomb on this conference. In one fell swoop, we could have decimated the Iranian leadership, rubbed out those scum Neturei Karta fake “rabbis,” and said goodbye to David Duke, Bradley Smith, Robert Faurisson of France, Jurgen Graf of Switzerland, Michele Renouf of the U.K., Ahmed Rami of Sweden, and the rest of world’s Holocaust deniers. Oh well, another lost opportunity.

(For those reading this who saw pictures of those Jews in all the wire photos – of course, many, many photos, because they are such a cute novelty act to the main circus tent show– and didn’t understand how Jews were attending a Holocaust denial conference, understand that allethnic groups and religions have their bastard children; these guys are ours. They have been virtually ex-communicated by world Jewry from right to left, religious to secular, and even by the much larger ultra-Orthodox non- and anti-Zionist Hassidic groups. Moreover, they were paid to come. Kind of like one of their brethren who used to go to Ramallah to fawn over Arafat – he was directly on Arafat’s payroll).

No, what’s far more interesting is everything surrounding the denier’s conference. You have Prime Minister Ehud Olmert asking the pope to talk about the Holocaust denial conference, and not just to make do with a mere statement. And you have countries across Europe shocked– shocked! Gambling in Rick’s Café! – that such an event is taking place. But is even one of those countries doing anything besides issuing a statement?

Like boycotting Iran, perhaps? Certainly not Germany, where Holocaust denial is a crime. The Fatherland is not about to upset the $4 billion at stake in trade with Iran. That is saddest of all, really, because if there’s one country that can play the point man in the full-court press against Iran’s nuclear ambitions, it is Germany.

If the U.S. or Israel can’t take the risk to bomb Tehran before it goes nuclear, certainly Germany has the moral weight to do so. Who’s going to argue with Germany stepping into the leading role against a country that openly and directly threatens to destroy another country?

But I digress.

The point of this conference had little to do with Holocaust denial, and everything to do with Israel denial. If the Holohoax didn’t happen, or mostly didn’t happen, then Israel– allegedly established on the ashes of Europe– has no right to exist. Indeed, a quote by Deputy Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mohammadi (cited, strangely, only in a CNN story) says so outright:

“Mohammadi said if Iran accepts the validity of the Holocaust, the next question examined will be, ‘Why should the Palestinians pay for the Holocaust?’ ”

And that’s it in a Yellow Star.

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