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Cheek To Cheeky

by | 18th, December 2006

JUST what does 41-year-old Lembit Opik, the LibDem MP see in 24-year-old Romanian-born Cheeky Girl Gabriel Irmimia.

The Mirror shows the moment the MP for Montgomeryshire, Wales, met the young woman notable for her use of satin hotpants in a professional capacity and who, along with identical twin sister Monica, urged us to get down to the Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum). Lyrics: "Come and smile don’t be shy Touch my bum this is life."

So here is Opik talking to Gabriela at a party in London thrown by a TV programme called the All Star Talent Show. And this is Opik who had been engaged to one Sian Lloyd, celebrity BBC TV weathergirl. They were so in love. They appeared in Hello! magazine together.

Now it is ended. And we get to hear Gabriela say: "I couldn’t resist him and we slept together. Lembit is a very experienced lover, much more than me. We make love to music."

Good on Lembit to put his years with Sian to good use as he bops along to the Cheeky Girls greatest hits.

How Sian must love to read this. And hear Gabriela tell the Mail between love classes: "Their relationship was dying before I came on the scene. Probably I gave him strength to end it. I feel sorry for her. I don’t want to be rude but she’s twice my age, she’s maybe scared and doesn’t want to be alone."

It seems that learning is no one-way street, and as Opik teaches Gabriela how a middle-aged man touches her bum, Gabriela shows a rare and mature understanding of the older woman.

As Gabriela’s mum Margrit says of her daughter: "She is a wise wowan who knows exactly what she wants."

And what she wants is for Opik to teach her. To give her the benefit of his experience. She wants him to touch her bum…

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