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Robbie Williams- (Take) That’s All Folks

by | 18th, December 2006

ROBBIE Williams looks wide eyed.

He also looks: "Depressed, loveless and without ambition." His is a "tortured soul".  So says the Express.

Before we go on to peer inside the Williams head, to analyse this and that, we note that this interview with the singer first appeared in the Big Issue, the magazine that enables "homeless people to earn a legal income through opportunities to help themselves".

Good that the Express should quote its sources. And so very, very good that its source should be the magazine that gives hope to the homeless, especially at this time for seasonal giving.

You can read Robbie’s interiew in full in the Big Issue – buy it on a good street corner near you – or buy the cheaper Express instead. Your choice. (Or just give to charity the money you saved by reading it here for free.)

And what you learn in this Williams case study is that Robbie can see his career heading "downhill". Says he: "I feel that I’ve overstayed my welcome a little bit. I’ve enjoyed tremendous success for more than 10 years now… And now it’s the time for Robbie Williams to go away in people’s minds."

Why Robbie should choose to say goodbye in print and in the third person is something not without interest.

But go he must. This is the star who has achieved everything he set out to achieve. Although, he did fail to crack America, which is portrayed as no bad thing, it allowing Robbie to wander about Los Angeles unmolested by fans.

This is Robbie, whose former band Take That are No. 1 in the charts and playing to wide acclaim. This is the star who created the album Rudebox. This is Robbie who wrote and sang the line: "Ok then check the tan line, make your body shape like you’re stood on a landmine call me on my mobile not the landline and the jack the mainline at the same time."

So before Robbie puts his hair in cornrows and become Britain’s answer to Kevin Federline, he wants out.

And he would give up everything he has to have what Take That frontman Gary Barlow has – a wife and children.

So give it up, Robbie, say we. Tis the season to give and give and give. The homeless man with the stack of magazines is ready to take your money…

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