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by | 18th, December 2006

“BRAD & JEN BACK IN LOVE!” is the annoucement.

And the report is that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, for it is they, are in love not with Angelina Jolie, Vince Vaughn or the people of Mauritania but with each other.

As the Enquirer reports: “Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are in love again!” The magazine talks of the twosome “rediscovering their true feelings for each other”.

And, no, these are not the true feelings that led to their divorce but the true feelings that led to their marriage.

And the catalyst for this rapprochement has been their time alone. It seems that the impression of Brad being tethered to Angelina Jolie, to be wheeled along behind her like some children’s toy in sunglasses and fatigues, is misplaced.

It is not rare for Brad to be away from La Jolie. And, as a source says, in the dark hours of the soul, when life is a waking dream, Brad has come to think of Jen. And Jen, now separated from tall actor Vaughn, has come to think of Brad.

And Brad has seen her work. Brad has seen Jen’s appearance in TV spots for St Jude Children’s Research Hospitals. It is not only Angelina and Brad that save and heal, but Jen, too. It might just be that Jen is but a good showing on a telethon from winning Brad back.

As a source says, Brad saw the adverts and realised what a fabulous person Jen is. So will he now lift the phone and pledge his love to her?

Or will he stay true to the mother of his three chidlren..? What a great guy…

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