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Leona Lewis – The Farewell Tour

by | 18th, December 2006

LEONA Lewis everyone.

This is the first interview with the winner of TV’s X Factor talent show, says the Star. Leona is the winner of the TV contest to find the heir to past winner Steve Brookstein. And she has much to say.

And she’d like to begin by saying goodbye. As the Star says, Leona is to quit the UK and head off to find fame and a £50m fortune in the United States.

"I’m off to USA", comes the headline inside the paper." I know I can make it," says Leona.

So it is that the woman with the fastest downloaded single ever, the 21-year-old former receptionist (Star) and pizza worker (Mirror) from London, is leaving us at the apogee of her fame.

"I feel like my dream has come true," says Leona, "the dream I’ve been dreaming since a little girl has come true."

Yes, she is off to America. It is the dream for many of us. Foreingers usually either need a Green Card to live in the land of dreams or to be suspected of being part of a global terror plot. But all Leona needs is her voice.

And not just her voice but training too. As is the way with TV talent shows that make stars of the unknown, Leona went to stage school, namely the £2,500-a-term Sylvia Young stage school in London, as the Mail notes. Although in the Express this becomes the £9,000-a-year Italia Conti stage school. Plus ca change.

So Leona is on her way.

Goodbye, Leona. Farewell. Cut a record. Break a leg. It was nice knowing you…

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