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by | 20th, December 2006

“WHY I’ll never forgive my father Chris Tarrant for his affair.”

The Mail’s front page has that legend and a picture of Christ Tarrant, wife cheater and all round bad lad.

There is also a picture of a woman. She is young. She is blonde-ish. Is she one of his conquests?

Inside the paper, and the truth is revealed in headline form: “Was it worth it dad?”

This girl is 18-year-old Sammy, fulltime daughter to Tarrant and his cuckolded wife Ingrid.

Forget the spurned spouse seeking revenge on the celebrity in print, this is the child. Is it a first? Can anyone recall such a thing before?

While we search through the annals of high-profile divorce for evidence of a child exposing their wayward parent in the media, Sammy says: “I will never fully forgive him.”

These are tough words. What of the children coming round? What of Sammy scoring an overpaid, under-worked job on TV and things being made right?

She calls Tarrant “pathetic”. Part of her “feels sorry for him”. She says her family has been “ruined”.

For his part Chris now lives away from the family home in a flat. And he recently told us: “I think it is very sad Ingrid, and now Sammy, have said these thing publicly.”

As we say, there is something a little unusual in speaking of your parents’ divorce so publicly. But then Sammy is the child of a celebrity parent who teaches by example.

Last weekend, Tarrant told the world: “Hopefully, the kids will pop over at some point on Christmas Day”. He said his children have a “totally open invitation”. The children “can depend on me in every way”.

This is how things are among the celebrity elite. Daughter tells dad what she thinks of him in print. And dad invites daughter over to watch telly via the national press.

Don’t these people have telephones?

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