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Suffolk Strangler Uncovered

by | 21st, December 2006


The Mirror’s front page features Diane Cole, ex-wife of Steve Wright, Suspect No. 2 in the Suffolk Stranger murder hunt.

That headline threatens much. In an instant we see rages, hysterical fights and worse. It is Hell.

Diane says the marriage was a “total disaster”. She says that just two months in, Wright was cheating on her. Life together running the Ferry Boar Inn, Norwich, was “a nightmare”.

Incidentally, the Mirror says this pub was a “regular haunt” of two prostitutes whose murders remain unsolved. The Mirror tells us that Wright was not running the pub at the time of these killings. It doesn’t tell us what Wright was up to at the time of these killings nor when the killings occurred. The paper just delivers the facts. And then gets back to Diane, “who lost her legs”.

The fiend. Not her legs! Well, not to Wright – Diane lost her legs to meningitis, not thought to be a known associate of the suspect.

But it is a fact. And like the mention of those unsolved killings, it is facts that help to create a profile of this man.

And there are more killings to consider. The Mail talks of how Wright could be questioned over ten murders. As the Sun’s front page announces in a blend of rhyme and reason: “SUSPECT No2 KNEW SUZY LAMPLUGH.”

Lamplugh was the estate agent who went to a viewing and was never seen again. The Sun calls it an “amazing coincidence” that Lamplugh and Wright were once both employed on the QE2 ocean liner. A shipmate says Wright, one of 900 working men onboard, “sniffed around” Lamplugh, one of 100 working women.

What more of this “SECRET TRANNY”. Oh, yes, the Star says that when Wright is not working in a pub where murdered prostitutes once drank, and being the ex-husband to a woman with no legs, he is dressed up to the nines in wig, high heels and a shiny PVC mini-skirt.

There’s a picture of a man dressed in a black corset and black stockings on the paper’s front page. Is it Wright? If so, where’s the PVC skirt? We need to see it to know what we are up against.

The Star says there are more pictures inside. And we turn to these pages to see a picture of Wright dressed in a blue T-shirt and playing cards. We only see him from the waist up and, too true, his nether regions could be clad in a pink tutu and peek-a-boo panties. He looks so normal. You really just cannot tell.

“Cross-dresser held in hunt for Strangler,” says the Express’s front page. And recalling to mind the Lycra shorts said to have been worn by Suspect No. 1 Tom Stephens, we wonder if the two men know each other.

The police are investigating the same thing. “Police probe links between two suspects,” says the Express. Do they know each other? Did Stephens once see Wright in his outfit and proposition him?

The hunt for truth continues…

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