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Man Arrested

by | 26th, December 2006

THERE’S a point, shortly after you hear the announcement that, “A man’s been locked up in Trimley” when news becomes speculation.

Still, it’s amazing to hear reporters talking for hour after hour about essentially, nothing. I did a radio interview the other day and I was asked, “What were they looking for in Tom Stephen’s lawn?” My natural politeness prevented me from answering, “How the f**k should I know, you’re watching the news, you tell me.”

The ongoing murder enquiry is having effects on my police work as well. A well meaning, but rather dim family came in to offer some anonymous information about a theft. They told me that the offenders were Luke Green and Simon Wall.

“I know,” I said,” We’ve arrested them and they’re in custody.”
“But we know they did it. We heard them talking about it, but we don’t really want to get involved.”
“Great…so…how can I help you?”
“Well what are you going to do now?”
“They’re being questioned about the offence.”
“How do you mean?”
“Well, we ask them if they did it or not.”
“Then what?”
“Err..that’s it really.”
“But you don’t just ask them if they did it or not. Don’t you have a special way of questioning them?”
“Not really. What do you mean?”
“You could ask them what clothes they were wearing, what they were doing and things like that?”
“We could do…do you think it would help?”

The family carried on asking me questions as if I was an entire murder enquiry team, without realising that I cannot even drive and answer the radio at the same time. They finally left with the words, “Well thanks a lot. You’ve made us feel really stupid.”

Apologies for the delays in posting new stuff. I haven’t forgotten, I just seem to run out of time and whenever I can I like to have a cup of tea and a mince pie with Mrs. C at around 5.30pm. I just don’t feel like working much after that.

I’m doing radio interviews without disguising my voice now. So far I’ve done interviews with Talksport, Five Live, BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Bristol, BBC WM, BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire and LBC. More stuff is scheduled with Radio Nottinghamshire, Radio three counties, and others. I’m scheduling my 47/3 bailers in between media appointments and I still don’t think anyone at work has twigged. Showbiz moment last week: I went for a run across some hills near where I live and my editor Dan rings me on the mobile to discuss an offer for the TV rights!

I’ve also been banned in Avon and Somerset, so Shift 2 on D district will have nothing to read about during their briefing.

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