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Blair On A Gee String

by | 29th, December 2006

Tony Blair, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez and the Bee Gees make jam like it’s 2007…

HOW long before we are hailing Lord Robin Gibb of Gee’s Bee?

It may be too early to speculate on that as we read in the Express that Tony Blair and the Blairios are holidaying in the Gibb’s Miami mansion.

The paper tells us that the toothsome one (Robin) is a multi-millionaire Labour Party supporter.

Why this should be relevant, we cannot say. And we only note that Hollywood star Matt Damon lives a few doors away. Says Damon: “I heard he was here. I disagree with his position on the war but I like a lot about him.”

Why let killing and mayhem get in the way of liking someone? Damon shows us the way of life in the US of A, where a man can be whatever he wants so long as he smiles.

With understandable enthusiasm, the Express notes that nearby properties are owned by grunting tennis babe Anna Kournikova and shiny-skinned wrestler Hulk Hogan.

What is more – yes, more! – the Blairs holiday retreat is two doors away from a mansion belonging to Gibb’s Bee Gee brother Barry. Until earlier this year, singer Jennifer Lopez owned the house in between.

Tony and the Blairios are mixing in rarified showbiz circles. And in “Playin’ Alive” the Mirror tells us that Tony and his backing family are “planning a holiday jam session with Bee Gee brothers Robin and Barry Gibb”.

For you readers not down with pop muso speak, a jam is not a jam-making session as one might imagine the Churchy Tony partaking in with the vicar’s baking group but a fruity musical melenge.

The Mirror spots Tony carrying a guitar case believed to contain his “much-loved” Fender Stratocaster guitar into Robin’s £5million home.

The thinking is that the one-time guitarist in Ugly Rumours plans to bring in the New Year with Robin and Barry. (If Bono can do politics then why not Tony the protest songs?)

Says Robin’s wife Dwina: “Tony is a great fan of the Bee Gees and loves to play guitar. Who knows whether there will be any jamming sessions going on? But it’s a place and a time of celebration. I’d say it’s pretty likely if Barry brings his guitars over.”

Of course this is not the first time Tony has dallied with rock deities and has stayed in Barbados courtesy of Sir Cliff Richard. For Tony, popstars are travel agents in sequins.

Now in Miami, Tony is ready to spray on some trousers, stick his teeth out and sing, sing sing!

Take it away Gibbs, Tony and the Blairos: “…’cause we’re living in a world of fools/ Breaking us down/ When they all should let us be…”

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