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by | 30th, December 2006

“HAVE David and Victoria Beckham swapped clothes with their hired help for a day?”

The Sun asks the questions that matter. And looking at the lead pictures of Vicky and Day-vid on their way for a night out with Gordon and Tana Ramsay, we say a firm “No”.

In our experience – see former Beckham PA Rebecca Loos and beautician Danielle Heath – the Beckhams’ staff rarely if ever dress in frilly white French maid-style tops and tight black skirts; for the likes of Loos, clothing can be a sombre affair of black knickers, sensible black bra and business-like smile.

It is a wonder that the Sun is not more up to speed with matters Beckham and finds a need to ask such a question. The paper is an authority on the couple.

In this holiday season, Sun readers have seen Her Poshness sitting in the back seat of her chauffeur driven limo after a great time out (Dec 23), teetering atop a pair of oversized 11-inch high stilettos on her way to a fabulous night out (Dec 26) and wearing that Ann Summers haute couture on a sensational night out with the Ramsays.

But it is not all restaurants for Posh (oh, the irony). And when she is not wearing this and that to dine here and here with this one and that one, the Sun is looking at her taking to the ice.

Outside the Natural History Museum in London there is an ice rink. The Museum, for your information, hosts a fine collection of bones and skeletons. And Posh.

And she is not alone. As the Sun reports, Posh holds in her arms Geri Halliwell’s daughter bluebell Madonna Spice. Posh (wearing sunglasses) looks on as Geri Halliwell skids across the ice with Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham.

Says the Sun: “Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham turned the ice-skating park at the Natural History Museum into London’s trendiest rink.”

This is not something to dismiss lightly. London is a haven for people whose idea of a good time is a wet backside and having their fingers run over by a bacon slicer affixed to heavy boot. Budding Torvill & Deans can recapture the magic of Sarajevo 1984 (the finale to Bolero where the skaters are sprawled on the ice) on Hampstead Heath, outside Somerset House and in the grounds of the Tower of London.

But the Sun’s eyes are on the Natural History Museum’s rink where Vicky isn’t skating. But she might be saving herself for dinner…

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