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Saddam Hussein, Gerald Ford or James Brown?

by | 1st, January 2007

AND this is supposed to be a holiday week?

Every time we turn on the TV, there’s another dead person! Hooded hangmen! A corpse onstage at the Apollo Theatre! Chevy Chase SNL highlights! It’s all too depressing – and we’re still a day away from Dick Clark on New Year’s Rockin Eve!

So let’s lighten up with a little quiz! See if you can match the following tributes to the recently deceased person. Saddam Hussein, Gerald Ford or James Brown:

1) “There were people who thought he was strict, too strict.”
2) “…Tragic and a reason for sadness.”
3) “He just had a personality that I think would override many of the people who might not agree with him.”
4) “He was like the tough-love father, the patriarch.”
5) “Ronnie and I always considered him a dear friend.”
6) “He said, ‘You keep going backward, if you keep going back like that you’re going to end up back where I started.'”
7) “I swear to God we were deeply shaken.”
8) “We mourn the loss of such a leader.”
9) “He just gave up. We were astonished. It was strange. He just gave up.”
10) “He was a giant among men and will be greatly missed.”

Answers to backlash or

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