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Sienna Loves…

by | 3rd, January 2007

PROFESSIONAL girlfriend Sienna Miller is in conversation with Hello!.

Sienna is in between boyfriends just now, but wants us to know that she is happy being single.

Sienna could easily slip on the banana skin of singledom. But she takes it in her stride. With or without Jude Law, Sienna has an evocative and easy blondeness.

(Jude and his former wife Sadie Frost have taken a family tip to an orphanage in South Africa. With big game hunting no longer in vogue, orphanages have become a vital and educational to do on any African odyssey. Ask around and you can even bag a local and take them home.)

“Sienna Miller shakes her mop of thick blonde hair and sighs cheerfully,” writes Hello!. “I wish I were an expert in love,” says she. “I’ve always been the kind of girl who likes to be in a relationship and I wish it was enough just to follow my instincts.”

This is a matter close to Sienna’s loving heart. It was only back in December last year, she was telling us: “I’ve always been a kind for relationship girl. I’m not sure why. It’s nice to be young and single as well but I’m more a relationship person. I like the company.” Ah, the actor and their company, we sighed.

Hello! hangs on every word and thinks it “unfortunate” that much of Sienna’s “learning” over the past three years has been “played out in the full glare of the world’s media spotlight”.

Pity the “up-and-coming” young actress finding herself attached to the established A-list star.

But Sienna is blessed with an “obvious intelligence”, as Hello!” observes. She is the product of good parents who “talk to me like a human being”.

For the record, Sienna is a human being. She shows signs of intelligence. She responds to questions, although, as we have noted, she can repeat herself.

And when the light hits her in the certain angle she looks almost thoughtful. And blonde.

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