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Moss & Doherty’s Thai Shtick

by | 3rd, January 2007

KATE Moss and Pete Doherty have given us little of substance; even talk of their wedding has been dismissed by official sources as nonsense, mere Thai shtick.

But Kate and Pete are worthy of comment. And today they give us the early contender for headline of the year. As the Star announces: “KATE ‘N’ PETE’S 3-IN-BED ROMP WITH TOM CAT.”

The sickos! Kill yourself with drugs and fags by all means, Pete and Kate, but romping with a kitty cat is plain wrong. We love our animals in the UK and we know where to draw the line.

It is almost too much to read on. But through webbed fingers we peek at the story and note: “Outrageous Kate Moss and her new ‘husband’ Pete Doherty consummated their Thai wedding night with a three-in-a-bed romp – with a tom cat.”

After yesterday’s news that the wedding was “bizarre”, are we now supposed to believe that this betrothal was sealed not by a kiss but by having a bestial threesome?

And this is not all. As the Star says, the newlyweds’ bed was festooned with rice, coins, sesame seeds and the aforesaid cat. Not the detritus of Pete’s drug taking but items assembled in accordance with Buddhist marriage rites. Or at least that is what the informed Star says.

And the equally knowing Mirror says Pete and Kate have been shut in their Thai hotel room “only accepting deliveries of booze”.

And Go Cat…

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