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Richard Hammond’s Been Framed

by | 5th, January 2007

BBC’s Top Gear frames Richard Hammond…

THE good news is that the footage of TV presenter Richard Hammond pile-driving his car into the mud should earn more money for good causes.

TV shows like You’ve Been Framed pay up to £250 for videos of children falling face first into their dinner, dads diving into empty swimming pools (how we laughed) and TV presenters crashing their cars and suffering severe head injuries.

And we will all get a chance to see this hilarious TV outtake (with voiceover jokes by Jeremy Clarkson, the Eddie Large to Hammond’s Syd Little) when Hammond’s show Top Gear returns to the magic box.

The Sun says the BBC “chiefs” have been “deliberating for months” over whether or not to show the world footage of their employee nearly dying at work.

Surely this footage will serve as cautionary tale, a vital cog in the BBC’s health and safety wheel. Would-be presenters and newsreaders contemplating careers at the Beeb should be shown the film in training sessions.

But now we are all going to see it. “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME,” comes the health warning as Hammond is trapped into a 300pmph jet engine with wheels and invited to fire her up.

And there will be more. As Clarkson – who, as coincidence has it, writes for the Sun – tells us, the new show features 35 stunts.

And one of these involves the team launching a home-made space shuttle.

And we all know who safe they are…

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