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by | 5th, January 2007

IS Prince William’s lover Kate Middleton under surveillance?

We live in uncertain times and it might just be that the six police officers the Mail spots trailing Kate as she makes her way to work are keeping tabs on her.

The paper notes that Miss Middleton is not entitled to formal police protection, which further encourages us to believe she is being watched.

But why? Is the Establishment keen to prevent the birth of another Princess Diana? Or what about another Sarah Ferguson?

Not that flame-haired professional dieter Fergie has gone anywhere, least of all to work.

“FERGIE: ANDY & I STILL A COUPLE,” comes the Sun’s headline. A couple of what? A couple of freeloaders? A couple of swells? A couple of lovers?

When between holidays and resting up in London, Fergie says she resides at the family mansion. It is a tableau of domestic bliss. “We all sit round the table and eat together. Andrew and I believe in total parent unity.” Although, she concedes it “does have an effect” when mum and dad’s assorted boyfriends and girlfriends are around.

So is there a chance of reconciliation? Fergie says she and Andrew are “best friends”. And what is a romance without friendship?

So is there a chance of reconciliation? Perhaps. But before a remarriage, protocol must be followed.

The Mail hears Fergie recall her trip to see The Queen. Not her Majesty the Queen, you understand – Fergie has no more chance of being granted an audience with her former mother-in-law than she does of turning into a horse or being invited to an official royal function. Fergie has been to see Helen Mirren appearing as The Queen in a movie theatre.

And it brought back memories. Fergie says she loves Queen Elizabeth. The Queen is “one of the finest ladies I have ever met”. And while watching the film “I started beating myself up a bit, because I started thinking, ‘What a shame if I let her down in any way’.”

And as the punches rained down, Fergie felt a renewed pain. She remembered Diana. “I miss her, her humour. When I watched the film the other day and looked at her…”

Yes… Go on. And looked at her what? We may never know. Some things are just too painful to gaze upon.

What is clear is that there are lessons to be learned from Royal marriages past. Diana is dead, or living in the attic at Harvey Nichols. And Fergie is persona non grata at Windsor family get together.

And Kate Middleton is being watched…

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