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Amy Wino-House

by | 8th, January 2007

Amy Winehouse’s sick sideshow…

EVERY new musical age pushes the boundaries a little further.

And for punk rockers gobbing at their fans, we introduce the popstar vomit.

The Mirror raises an umbrella and looks on as Amy Winehouse takes to the stage at London’ G.A.Y club.

Winehouse is due to sing some of her songs. And having been out with Kelly Osbourne for some pre-match liveners, Amy is in top form.

This will be the night Amy makes her mark on stage. And she does. After stumbling through her opening number, Amy throws up.

The Winehouse signature move is a work in progress and rather than give full throat to her audience, Amy chucks up at the side of the stage.

What is this but rock ‘n’ roll at its most rebellious. And before Pete Doherty can top the lot by pooing his pants for an encore, Amy’s promoter appears.

He is sorry. Amy cannot go on. (Indeed, how do you follow that but with a mop and bucket?) Amy has peaked. The show is at an end. The promoter is sorry that Amy’s finale should come so early in her set, but such is life. And, in any case, it was not her fault. If the fans want to blame anyone, they should blame the rogue kebab or dodgy spring roll that did for her.

The official story is that Amy succumbed to food poisoning and not to the effects of a night’s boozing, as the Mirror claims.

A source tells the paper: “Everyone knew something was up as soon as she arrived smelling of booze and quite unsteady on her feet.”

And then she was sick. And such is the way of high fashion, that G-A-Y promoter Jeremy Joseph says that when Jason Donovan performs at the weekend, he will have two buckets on stage.

A new target to aim for…

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