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Celebrity Big Brother Burns

by | 8th, January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother burns…

MY wild sex with Leo missus as he played ping pong.”

As kinky sex goes, the tale of Celebrity Big Brother escapee Donny Tourette and Leo Sayer’s wife is reminiscent of a Bangkok tryst.

But the three and their sporting aides were not together at the time of Donny’s dalliance. And reading on in the Sun we learn that Donny and Leo’s common law wife Donatella Piccinetti were changing ends while Leo was playing table tennis with Donny’s brother.

All parties were at Leo’s Buckinghamshire mansion. As Donny says: “One time my brother Dirk was plying Leo at a game of table tennis when I was upstairs in his bedroom giving his lady a seeing to.”

And? “My brother says it was so loud Leo completely missed his shot and just gave him this sort of quizzical look. I think it was a pretty vital point in the game as well.”

Now at large, Spinal Tap wannabe Donny is free to revisit the scene of his former sporting glories and take up with Ms Piccinetti once more.

Leo remains in the Celebrity Big Brother house. And, as Donny claims, Leo is also in an open relationship.

If the mood is right will Leo play a little with one of the housemates?

Leo had best make his move fast. The gang is dwindling fast. Donny has fled. Ken Russell has walked. And the Star thinks it knows why.


There can be little denying that Jade Goody’s arrival in the Celebrity Big Brother house threatens to ruin the show.

Her limp lover Jack, her spiteful mother, “a disruptive force, verging on pure evil” (Ken Russell), and her Big Brother professionalism are a bore. (Cruel minds have suggested the Goodys are an advert for eugenics?)

The Star says Jackiey is “more crude than a vat of oil”. It invites a housemate to light one of her farts and send her on her way.

But things change. The Express remembers when Jade left the Big Brother house in 2002 to cries of “Burn the pig!”. Will Jackiey recover?

Or will she burn..?

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