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Princess Diana Secrets

by | 9th, January 2007

Princess Diana – The Inquest


We don’t much like the sound of this. Surely the Express is not advocating that we exhume Princess Diana’s remains and check for signs of foul play?

That is if Diana is buried on an island at Althorp. Was if Diana is that coffin being pelted with flowers as it edged down Finchley Road, or a mannequin taken from the windows of her beloved Harvey Nichols department store? As the Express notes, Diana’s body was embalmed. Why?

It is time the truth about Princess Diana came out. And looking past the report by the French police and the latest offering by Lord Stevens or Trumpton, the Express looks at the first day of the preliminary hearing into Diana’s departure from official duties.

The paper says Dodi Fayed, father of Diana’s late companion Dodi Fayed, wants all interviews and correspondence collected by Lord Stevens to be made public.

The paper says this is “vital” to quash allegations of a cover up.

The dossier is said to feature Prince Philip’s refusal to be interviewed and Charles’s response to the question as to whether he killed Princess Diana.

The paper says Prince Charles’s response is not known. But, as it says, “the fact the heir to the thrown was asked such a direct question sums up the complex nature of the inquiry.”

Of course, Charles’s response is known. It is known by him, most likely his pet begonia and Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, the royal coroner.

But do we know. And should we know? The Express puts this question to the readers. “Should the secrets on Diana be made public?” Note that Charles’s words have now become Diana’s secrets. Do you want to know them? Yes. Or would you like longer to think about it?

And while you think, know that the Queen is “preparing to back down over a controversial plan to have a ‘royal jury’ of courtiers to hear the inquest”.

The paper says the Queen’s lawyers have privately agreed that such a thing would “fatally undermine the royal family’s hopes that the coroner’s hearing will put an end to conspiracy theories”.

And that would never do…

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