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Anyone Seen Suri?

by | 10th, January 2007

SINCE Suri Cruise’s birth we have hardly seen her.

She did do a photospread for Vanity Fair and was a familiar face when the couple wed in Italy, but she has rarely been shown when Katie Holmes has been out and about in Los Angeles.

What’s the reason for this? Tom Cruise and Katie are apparently scared that Suri could be in danger if they bring her out too much.

A source tells Star Magazine: “That child is growing up inside a bubble. I think both dad [Tom Cruise] and Katie are so worried that if Suri is exposed to the public, her life could be in danger.”

Sources say that Suri Cruise could be the target of kidnapping plots to extort money out of TomKat.

I believe it. Tom is crazy. He thinks everyone is after him some way or another. Seriously, who wants to steal Suri? She’s not even real!

If you’re going to steal a baby make sure it doesn’t operate with AAs.

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