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Blairs Set Sights On America

by | 12th, January 2007

WHAT odds that Tony Blair and their Blairios will be the next Britishers heading off for a new life in the United States?

Perhaps Tony will make politics “higher than anyone can probably believe in America”, the Senate’s answer to David Beckham, only with spin in place of bend?

Of course, of Tony does go, then he should go armed. America loves the gun. Champion democracy with a loud and fearless voice – but best do it with small firearm tucked in the glove compartment or handbag.

And Tony would be advised to get his private army in order before making any move.

As the Mirror reports, the “crack gun cops" who guard Tony Blair, the men "ready to respond with a precision shot to rub out anyone deemed a threat to his life” – mad mullahs, hired assassins, Brazilian electricians etc – are to get their eyes seen to.

These hotshots may not have 20/20 vision. Tony should not yet place young Leo before a tree, stick an apple upon the lads head and invite the mob to “fire!”.

As the paper tells us, five of Tony’s Swiss guard are in need of laser eye surgery to correct their imperfect vision.

The Metropolitan Police, which oversees the Diplomatic Protection Group to which the shooters belong, denies that the hired guns are blind.

The coppers will be given the surgery to enable them to remain in their jobs for longer, comes the official explanation.

Professor Dan Reinstein, who approached the Met with the offer of free laser eye surgery, supports this view. He tells us: “Some workers will become more productive following their operation.”

Good news for Tony and his family. But, perhaps, less than good news for the rest of us on the wrong end of the gun sight…

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