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Britney Spears Mistakes Her Son For A Dog

by | 12th, January 2007

BRITNEY Spears has yet to be pictured with David or Victoria Beckham.

But this is surely no oversight in Brand Beckham’s plan for inter-galactic domination. Might it be that Britney is not a fit and proper showbiz pal?

The Star catches up with Britney as she tours a pet store in Bel Air, California. The paper spots an animal dressed in jeans and a light brown hoodie.

Britney is buying a new cost for her dog. But the Star reveals the denim-clad creature to be one Sean Preston Federline-Spears, Britney’s son. At 15-months old, the “impossibly cute” child is standing on his own two feet.

Such is the excitement caused by Sean’s walking that Britney, dressed in back boots, executes a goosestep, a walk popularised by Basil Fawlty and the Nazis. Why she should do this, we are unsure. But parents can by pushy and Britney may have big plans for her son – first ze pet store, then ze vorld!

Indeed, so excited is Britney, she seems to have become caught up in the moment and made an error. Wrapped up in the thrill of so much walking, Britney has scooped up not her sandy-haired son but a small beige dog.

“BRIT PUPS TO SHOP,” says the Sun. The paper tells us that Britney is sending out a “disturbing message here – that she prefers her dog to her son.”

We are certain that Britney loves the boy she made with bits of Kevin Federline, the boy who fleshed out her figure and turned her from pop tart to frump.

That Britney loves her boy is clear for all to see. She’s even employed a minder to carry him. Given Britney’s past exploits with young Sean in her arms the boy may be safer perched on her minder’s hip.

Or walking on his hind legs.

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