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Chelsy Davy – We Have You Surrounded

by | 13th, January 2007

small_171135_1_1168855991.jpgROBBERS, burglars and Pete Doherty take note – if you want to avoid arrest best check the Royals’ social diary before going out.

Having already spotted Prince William’s paramour Kate Middleton moving about town in the centre of a cauldron of ten officers of the law, we catch up with Prince Harry’s lover Chelsy Davy.

“Overstretched police assign eight officers (plus two minders) so Harry and Chelsy can go nightclubbing till 4am in peace,” says the Mail’s headline.

Add to his this phalanx Prince Harry, a young man muddied up and trained to kill by his grandmother the Queen, and Chelsy looks quite safe.

As the Sun notes, Harry, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Blues and Royals, will learn this week if he is to be dispatched to Iraq. If he can handle a night out at London’s Cuckoo Club and run the gauntlet of paparazzi, the frontline should hold no fears.

And so it is that with the area immediately around Harry and Chelsy secured, the couple can relax. The Sun spots Chelsy flash a stoking-clad knee as she sits in a car, possible armoured.

Just one day earlier, the Mirror had seen the couple smiling. This was “HARRY’S HAPPY HOUR”. Young Prince Harry Baseball Cap and his lover were polishing off a pitcher of Treasure Chest, a £100 cocktail “meant for eight”. The venue was Mayfair’s Mahiki Club.

For anyone keen to make the brew, the Mirror reveals the ingredients to be champagne, rum, brandy and peach liqueur. Drinkers should take care to have a chauffeur-driven 4×4 on standby to take you home should you become intoxicated.

And get some police to help out. The Mail risks life, limb and liberty in taking a shot of a bevy of thin-lipped coppers idling around the Cuckoo Club’s main door.

Harry is seen dressed “unusually smartly” in pink shirt and jacket. Miss Davy wears a white patterned dress and black stockings. Their entourage wears navy blue jackets, black leather gloves and clip-on ties.

Burglars in smarter parts of central London wear smiles…

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