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Kelly (Osbourne’s) Hero

by | 15th, January 2007

small_171132_1_11688552801.jpgEVER since The Osbournes vibrated onto our screens, the family has been as exclusive as teenage acne.

But still the Sun boats of an “EXCLUSIVE” interview with Kelly Osbourne.

“Mum said, ‘I don’t care who gets you pregnant, just get me a grandchild,” comes the teaser.

Mum is, of course, pixie-voiced Sharon Osbourne, a shrewd businesswoman who has cultivated a career as a multi-millionaire chav with a house full of dog poo.

Sharon is also the woman whose battle with bulimia and “self-loathing” were watched by the young Kelly.

Says Kelly: “As a child I knew she had a problem and I’d say, ‘Please don’t lose weight because there won’t be enough of you to cuddle. It made me really sad.”

But Kelly has passed through her mother’s gastric band and emerged the other side unscathed and not displeased to be chubby.

Kelly has recorded a hit song with her dad, appeared on reality TV shows and is all set to star on Turning Japanese, a show in which Kelly gets to live in Japan for two months.

Perhaps while in Japan, Kelly will find a boyfriend. Kelly says she has a “terrible track record” when it comes to relationships. “I don’t think I’m picky enough,” says she. “I go for the biggest s**theads. My mum’s like, ‘Where did you find that one?’”

Kelly doesn’t name names. But she does mention the boy who went to Eton she dated on her mum’s advice. Kelly says it was “boring”. He was dull”. “That’s just not me,” says Kelly. “I like a guy who is completely insane.”

But where to find him? Where will Kelly happen upon the institutionalised hunk who spends his days propped up on hillbilly heroin watching the Sharon Osbourne show on the telly?

“The crazier you are, the more I’ll like you, and the more you hate me, the more I’ll like you,” says Kelly, who says she has given up looking for Mr Wrong.

So for now Kelly is concentrating on her career. But might she combine her quests for fame and love two in a single format?

Who would not tune in to watch Kelly touring the world’s leading psychiatric units in a quest for love?

And if Ozzy can come along, so much the more illuminating…

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