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Beckhams’ Retreat

by | 15th, January 2007

small_171140_1_1168937600.jpgON a recent tour of America, Real Madrid players David Beckham and Roberto Carlos, the Brazilian footballer, marvelled at how they could walk about the place unmolested.

Perhaps America would offer Beckham sanctuary from the rigours of fame and fortune? Perhaps in America, Beckham could learn to breathe again, to spend his fortune without fear of offending a sponsor or attracting the attentions of an ambitious PA or model?

And he is prepared to sacrifice much, even his competitive playing career, to get it.

The Mirror has a picture of Beckham gazing into the screen on his mobile phone.

What is he reading? Surely not a message from pig tosser Rebecca Loos? Isn’t this the kind of thing Beckham seeks to escape over in America, the land of the free?

No longer is Dave even parading his talents on a patch of grass in Madrid with “BECKHAM” writ in lettering across his back. Becks sits in the stands at Real Madrid’s stadium. He is removed from the action, just another face in the crowd.

But even a would-be recluse needs a home, a cave with bedrooms, a media room and a waterfall. And while David takes a back seat, Victoria Beckham goes shopping for property.

Dressed in a plain black top, dark grey trousers and black sunglasses, wrapped in a plain black convoy of SUVs and limos, Posh moves with a Ninja-like invisibility across some prime Californian real estate.

The Mirror sees Victoria look over Lionel Richie’s former £7.5million Los Angeles home. There are stunning views over the city to the Pacific Ocean. Too small, says Vicky. David craves the wilderness-feel of acres of floor space.

Vicky has 29 more homes to view (Mirror), or 34 if the Mail and Sun are correct.

So it’s off to inspect the £7.5million home once owned by Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans. And then off to a gated development where Britney Spears has a home. Neighbours include Jack Nicholson, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston.

Posh, now changed into a furry black poncho, turns to speak. Doubtless shocked at being recognised so far from the shops, Her Poshness tells the Sun: “We’re really excited about moving to America. We can’t wait.”

But you need a home? “I’ve seen some beautiful places, but we want somewhere that looks like a nice home.”

And the search for a home removed from prying eyes continues. Posh looks over a £10million mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The four-bedroom home is set in two-acres, features a basketball court, and an “infinity pool”.

Is this place large enough? Or will the search for peace take the Beckhams away from their former lives, perhaps into the Californian deserts and a remote valley…

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