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Campbell’s In The Soup

by | 17th, January 2007

small_171145_1_1169026826.jpgBEFORE Helen Mirren and Victoria Beckham there was Naomi Campbell.

The British are less coming as they are leaving these shores for a new life of opportunity in the US of A.

And the British immigrants will work hard to be accepted, to carve out a new life in the land of the free.

Mirren will pretend to be The Queen for the amusement of the emancipated Americans. Vicky will continue to cheer on husband Dave from the stands at a less-than-salubrious Home Depot Center. And Naomi will work in the community.

Boy George, a star over here, was not too long ago pictured sweeping streets in New York. How long before George Michael, Sting and Noel Edmonds were working as cabbies and doormen, trying to make a new and better life for themselves over there?

And now we see Campbell. Facing a charge that she did assault one Ana Scolavino with a jewel-encrusted mobile phone, Campbell stands before the Beak.

At Manhattan’s Criminal Court, the Mail hears Campbell admit to hitting her maid in the head with said phone “by accident”. Campbell admits a third-degree assault charges.

“I did assault her,” says Campbell. “The cell phone hit her head. It was an accident and I not mean for it to hit her. I understand that Ana is hurt and I am deeply sorry for that.”

The London-born model is ordered to pay £185 in medical costs to Miss Scolavino (a figure rising to £200 in the Express) and attend anger management classes.

And perform five days of community service. But what form will this punishment take? The Star say Campbell will find out in March.

That’s right – Campbell has two more months living in the land where the beautiful people roam. And it could have been better. As the Express notes, Campbell could have been sentenced to seven years in an American jail.

Less the end of her modelling career than a whole new beginning…

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