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by | 18th, January 2007

small_171153_1_1169112450.jpgJANET Street–Porter is innocent. Or not.

In matters of a criminal nature, we try not to take sides. And instead deliver the facts that the journalist and reality TV star emeritus stands accused of racially abusing a neighbour.

Tales of TV stars and racial abuse are commonplace just now. But this is a story with a twist.

The Mail gives space to the claim of Congolese-born Julie Mbmemba that Street-Porter did call her a “black bitch”.

Miss Street-Porter has been arrested by police over the claims. And, as the Mail tells us, a file is being prepared for the Crown Prosecution Service to look over. Street-Porter has been released on bail.

For her part, the accused has issued a celebrity denial. Delivered in her customary tones of a demented macaw, Street-Porter says: “Anyone who is aware of my track record in journalism and the media knows my strong anti-racist views.”

Indeed. The Mail investigates and recalls how Street-Porter once dated the black TV presenter Normski. If this nugget is part of any defence, it should be known that Street-Porter and Normski did not last the course.

But what of some other supposed facts in this unpleasant matter? There is the sympathetic background story that sees Street-Porter parking her Chrysler PT Cruiser outside her £2million after her sister’s funeral.

The Mail says Street-Porter then begins to remove items from the vehicle’s boot. This is when Mrs Mbemba arrives in a Fiat Brava and “motioned” for Street-Porter to get out of the way.

An exchange follows. It is alleged that Mrs Street-Porter rants and raves and commits what a police spokesman terms an “allegedly racially aggravated public order offence”.

And let us now review this evidence. See Mrs Mbemba’s zippy hatchback. Recognise the central London location. Observe Street-Porter massive people carrier.

And wonder how things ever came to this. Forget the language, and consider the undisputable crime: Street-Porter’s carbon footprint.

Can it be right in these modern times to operate such a vehicle in central London, within Mayor Ken Livingstone’s congestion charging zone?

Is this not the greater crime?

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