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The Full Robbie Williams

by | 19th, January 2007

elton-john-naked.jpg“ELTON JOHN ON THE RUN.”

What’s this? Elton John, patron saint of Funeral Rock, is on the run. Why? Has some fool seen John’s snub nose, fringe and foul mouth and mistaken him for Big Brother’s Jade Goody?

But reading on, we learn of another Elton John. This one’s criminal career has earned him the epithet “VIOLENT.”

Having been released on licence from a top security jail after serving 11 years of a 17 years sentence for armed robbery, Elton John has scarpered.

A prison officer calls him a “ticking time bomb”. An internal police report warns that John is a “real, imminent, danger” to the public and police.

If you see Elton John, call the police. And if you see the other Elton John, tell him that Robbie Williams pans to take all his clothes off.

The Star says John has asked Williams to give him something special to unwrap on his 60th birthday this March.

So Robbie is offering himself as a gift. Williams will strip at John’s Madison Square Garden do on March 25.

Elton will perform his show. And for a finale, Williams will remove his clothes to the strains of Tom Jones singing You Can Leave Your Hat On.

Meanwhile, Elton John starts to run faster…

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