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The Smell Of Victory

by | 24th, January 2007

the-smell-of-victory.jpgSMELL that, America?

Forget waking up and smelling the coffee and so much frying fat, meat and petrol, this is the smell of victory. British victory.

The British are coming. And it is a multi-sensory happening. The invasion “opens with the pure fresh notes of bergamot and rose petals”.

In the face of much evidence to the contrary, Her Poshness can hit top notes, middle notes and low notes of “sensual orange blossom” leading to “a seductive base of voluptuous vanilla, rich sandalwood and an elegant layer of musk”. Can the same be said of Lionel Richie or Meatloaf?

In “Dough de Cologne”, the Mirror spots Her Poshness wearing a black dress. Around its middle is a wide black belt. Her hands hold the hem, her legs band at the knee. It’s as if Posh is about to curtsy to her cameras.

But Victoria need not be so demure. The smell hits us long before the outfit. And it is the smell of new money, a back note fresh green notes.

News is that Victoria and David are all set to sign a £7million deal which will see their his ‘n’ hers perfumes hit the American shelves.

In Paris to secure the deal, Her Poshness hooks up with Karl Lagerfeld. Looking like a cross between Michael Jackson and a Gerry Anderson puppet, the fashion designer is pictured in dark grey suit, with matching metal-style gloves and equally shiny black boots of the type favoured by more fashion-conscious members of the Gestapo’s golf team.

This is the Mail’s front-page news.

Look out America. The British are coming. And they’ve got German friends…

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