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Ganging Up On Music

by | 24th, January 2007

ganging-up-on-music.jpgTHEY are watching. They are listening.

Caroline Bishop is in the bath. The 39-year-old mother of two is giving full throat to a medley of hits. Gary Glitter hits.

And this will not do. Neighbours are uneasy. Neighbours are sickened. Glitter. Leader. Gang. Pervert.
Police are called. Mrs Bishop is hauled before the Beak and handed an Asbo. She must not sing in a way that causes her voice to be heard outside her home for a period of two years.

“Asbo for singing Glitter in the bath,” says the Sun’s headline. Neighbours complain of harassment. Says Mrs Kerry Law: “You could hear it from my kitchen with the window shut.”

There is talk of Bishop making false claims about her neighbour to the police and RSPCA. She is said to have made “rude gestures”.

“Should the Glitter mum be silenced?” ask the Sun. Readers are invited to respond.

There are children present. Caroline is a mother. Gary Glitter presents himself as “The Leader”.

“I want people to know I haven’t done anything wrong,” says Bishop. “We are being victimised.”

The court and the neighbours think otherwise.

But is Mrs Bishop right? Is she the victim of the backlash against Glitter, a man placed on the sex offenders register, a man sentenced to three years in a Vietnamese jail, a man found guilty of sexually abusing two young girls?

Is Bishop lucky to have escape jail and worse?

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