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One Night In Paris II: Let’s Make A Weekend Of It

by | 26th, January 2007

one-night-in-paris-ii.jpg“PARIS: The sequel.”

So begins the Sun, which goes on to say: “NEW SEX VIDEO OF HEIRESS HITS WEBSITE.”

Sticky fingered adolescents and journalists who may otherwise be scouring the Internet for footage from One Night In Paris II: Let’s Make A Weekend Of It can just turn to the Sun.

The paper has four stills from Paris’s “racy” new video. Paris is on a yacht. She bares her boobs”. “Paris shows her cheeky side” in a bubble bath. “Clean breast”: Paris spritzes herself with the hose of a shower. And Paris shares a “smooch” with a brunette.

Of course, many have seen Paris expose before. The 2003 video
Paris and ex-lover Rick Salomon propelled the heiress to great fame.

Since those heady times, Paris has moved into perfume (“Paris Hilton Just Me: sparkling top notes of used tissue and linen that epitomize the high society girl).

Paris has conquered the music world. Sing along to Screwed:
“There will come a day
A hazy day in May
Or a storm in mid-December
When you need someone
Just to have a little fun
Then I could be the perfect girl for you to run.”

And Paris has dipped her quill in ink to give us Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose. Confessions include: Paris’s hair is naturally curly; “I’m really bad about washing my face and using skin products”; and the golden rule that “Public displays of affection are okay, in limited amounts”.

There are some rules for the rich and some rules for the rest of us. But Paris’s latest public show of affection arrives not by design but by accident.

As the Star reports, footage of Paris “frolicking” with former fiancé Jason Shaw was found on a disc kept in a storage locker. But when Paris failed to pay a £106 bill for storing her stuff, the disc found its way into the hands of America’s “Sultan of Sleaze” David Hans Schmitt.

Other items in Paris’s security box include bottles of painkillers, sleeping pills and a medical bill made out to Amber Taylor, who has the same birthday as Paris.

Paris’s agent Eliot Mintz says his client is “incredibly upset and angry” at this leak. Paris is said to be “devastated”.

Paris is also said to be famous…

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